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World's Best PrideR™ Standing Only Scooter
Perfect For Seniors & People Who Can't Walk -
Now you can "Stand & 'Walk" Proudly" ™

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1. PrideR: tab popwer point World's Most Revolutionary Scooter For All!. Below.
2. Online Gradual Price Reduction (Internet)tab popwer pointGoods & Services.
3. Dollars-Ad.com Advertisement Sitetab popwer point Graigslist Alternative.

4. 28" Inch Midget Hoist for vehicle maintenance. World's smallest hoist. Below.
5. Pick 'Em All® Patent and/or Registered Trademark
6. P.C. Back-Up Invention: Details below.
7. Educational & Word Game Invention. Details below.

8. Move 'Em Around™ Invention For Moving Fitness Machines, Bikes, and Furniture
9. Puzzle Invention:   Alternative to famous RUBIK’S CUBE
10. SofiDent Dental Supply - Business For Sale (See box below)


BEST: PrideR™ Standing Scooter  For All
DEALERS WANTED; Advanced purchasing: $1,799 (Retail)

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if not, use these:

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1. PrideR  WORLD’S BEST standing only SCOOTER (U.S. Patent 8167074) www.PrideR.net   
For Everyone, and for Multi Purposes; Best Physically Challenged Transporter.
Life Saver for people with mobility difficulties, mainly those feel self-consciousness to use wheelchairs. Now the can Stand & ''Walk' Proudly

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a.  For Everyone:  Especially the elderly or people with difficult mobility.
b.  Ultra Nimble: For easy use anywhere “ especially where the Segway is  not allowed,     including narrow or crowded homes and public areas.

c.  Ultra Portable:  Easily loads into car trunks or storage thanks to patented      breakthrough design which enables fast assembly into 2 lightweight parts (19 Lbs      each). Simple for all, especially elderly.

d. One-of-a-Kind: Quick-Attachment Mechanism “ The magical innovation that makes    the PrideR˜ usable      for everyone that can lift 19 Lbs.

e.  Price:  Patented breakthrough, low-cost design “ affordable to everyone!

f.  Pride:  People with mobility limitations often feel self-conscious using  wheelchairs,        therefore they stay home. The PrideR˜ gives the gift of pride, so the users can        Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ Proudly„˜.  button email us      


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Introducing:  PrideR photo-priderj-front Watch Videos:1photo-priderj-front2 photo-priderj-front  image button home

A new Scooter Patent Changes Peoples’ Lives; Standing Only For All; 5 MPH
Resolves Mobility Challenges ˜Patented Breakthrough ˜Segway Alternative 

TEMPE, ARIZONA....Valley inventor Joseph Tsiyoni’s recent patent is a revolutionary, standing only, 3-wheel lightweight electric scooter, especially for people with limited mobility.

“The death of the new Segway owner, British James Heselden, who accidentally steered the Segway off a cliff near London in 2010, makes this slow-moving scooter, now, even more significant”, according to Joseph Tsiyoni. (Source:wheels.blogs.anytimes dot com/2010/09/27)

Mr. Tsiyoni, inventor, executive auditor, author, President, Shairon Int’l. Trade, was granted a new patent for this ultra-nimble, ultra-portable scooter which provides transportation to all people in all industries.  According to Mr. Tsiyoni, “This is the world’s only scooter of this unique design, one-of-a-kind, with my patented Quick-Attachment Mechanism”, making it a magical innovation that makes the PrideR˜ usable for everyone that can lift only 19 pounds!  “No other scooter can be assembled and disassembled as easily and quickly,” and with such lightweight parts using his innovative patented structure.

Mr. Tsiyoni has found that people who have trouble walking, but feel self-conscious using wheelchairs and therefore stay home, will truly benefit from the PrideR which gives those who can stand long enough to drive the scooter to their destination the gift of pride, so that they now can Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ ProudlyTM.

Users can assemble and disassemble the PrideR˜ in a matter of seconds and place it in a car trunk or elsewhere very easily, a capability which no other scooter provides. It is a low-cost design affordable to everyone.

Among other advantages over all existing scooters the PrideR„˜ has the following features:
…Inexpensive Dry Lithium battery-tech“in wheel “motor…Can be stored anywhere
…Assembled/disassembled into two lightweight parts
…Easily loads into car trunks or storage thanks to patented breakthrough design which    enables fast assembly     into two lightweight parts (each under 19 pounds).

Simple for all, especially the elderly, and easy to use anywhere especially indoors or any place the Segway is not allowed, including narrow, crowded homes, public areas, and over steps and high curves.

The PrideR„˜ makes most scooters obsolete (except for fast vehicles).  It can be used for a variety of additional purposes, such as commercial, industrial, governmental, tourism, sightseeing, resorts, golf courses, trade fairs, security, police and military personnel.

Shairon Int'l. Trade Co. develops, manufactures, and markets new inventions.

No. 2TAB PDF FILEimage button home

2. Online Gradual Price Reduction Patent: Goods and Services  button email us

                           (AKA "Internet Trading" U.S. Patent # 8359230) tab popwer point

REVOLUTIONARY Online Gradual Price Reduction Patent, AKA 'Internet Trading', which provides a new Method, Concept, Process & System, for selling and buying goods and services. This revolutionizes the AUCTION- type internet trading, and brings more excitement.  This invention will bring a new spirit to the internet trading of selling and buying goods and services.

PRESS RELEASS-Gradual Price Reduction Patent

An Alternative To eBay and all Auctions Companies; Changes Internet Buying & Selling
American consumers will benefit most from the new invention (Pat. # 8359230)

TEMPE, ARIZONA....Valley inventor Joseph Tsiyoni’s newest patented system for online auctions will most likely change the internet and online trading of goods and services. Its revolutionary method of offering products at frequent price reductions until the product is ‘grabbed’ may make currently used auction trading systems, such as those used by eBay, secondary, or perhaps even obsolete.

The new invention is based on Mr. Tsiyoni’s copyrighted mathematical formula, which creates pre-programmed sets of price reductions, enabling users to post goods and services for sale at the maximum amount, and thereafter gradually reducing the price to a minimum, based on  unknown (to buyers) frequencies and sequences of amounts of time, money and percentages, respectively.  At any given time, a prospective buyer may ‘grab’ the product (before someone else does) for the posted lower price, thereby instantly ending the sale and starting a new sale.

According to Mr. Tsiyoni, inventor, author and President of Shairon Int’l. Trade, the new system (Gradual Price Reduction℘) will take the country by storm, bringing a new spirit and excitement to the slowly dying online auction industry of selling goods and services.Data shows that people have lost interest in the traditional auction system offered by companies such as eBay. These companies have become more like stores, such as Amazon, rather than providers of auctions.  The constant decrease of auctions, and the increase of online selling, such as eBay’s ‘Buy It Now’ reflect the decrease in interest, calling for a new system, a new spirit and a new ‘life’.

(Sources: The Associated Press,  5/3/2010: Edited brief (”eBay auctions now make up less than half of all listings; It could drop to 30 percent by 2011, eBay CEO John Donahoe said Thursday; Buyers and sellers are moving increasingly toward fixed-price "Buy It Now" items; Before, auctions made up about 70% of the listings on eBay- recently “45%.; and  BusinessWeek, May 3, 2010 (”Auctions on eBay: A Dying Breed”;  the thrill and novelty of auctions have given way  to¦one-click purchasesâ”These days, consumers are less enamored of the hassle  of auctions, preferring to buy stuff quickly at a fixed price.”  eBay Chief Executive John Donahoe said that fixed-priced items are key to future  Growth,  42%...growing 22% annually.)

Most importantly, the new system will enable many companies such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, JCPenney, Amazon, Sears and Best Buy to brilliantly complement the existing price marketing models, which, according to Mr. Tsiyoni, “will start a new era of internet and online business”.

Tsiyoni’s new system will be a new, exciting and revolutionized method of internet trading, with the price being gradually reduced during the duration of the posting. Trade is completed at the moment the buyer ‘grabs’ the product or service at an attractive price.

Contact:  Joseph TsiyonI  480-949-0894   button email us image button home

Shairon Int'l. Trade Co. develops, manufactures, and markets new inventions.

No. 3tab popwer point   dollars-ad logo

3. Internet Advertising New site: IT Global Hub, $1 ad

Significant Changes, Additions, Enable Safer, More Trusted & Reliable Site

Tempe, AZ...Valley inventor and entrepreneur offers American consumers a safer, broader and more secured advertising site, which also resolves many adversities. The site. Also aimed to be IP Global Hub, enabling exposure to inventions, patents,  Joint Ventures, Trademarks/Names, and copyrights, otherwise extremely difficult to find.

The site is for registered users only (see below), to fight spams, and, to increase safety, also offering unlimited, multi and instant posting, anywhere, which disallows. 
THE NEW SITE resolves other problems, which also change the way American advertise goods and services, enabling people to offer or find, respectively, new opportunities, making the site ;entrepreneur heaven, and IP Global Hub’ “, says Joseph Tsiyoni, CEO, Having all users registered increases trust and minimizes scams and unwanted emails, making the users more comfortable and secured;
According to DA LLC, in today’s market, it is almost impossible for inventors and owners of IP and businesses to find interested parties or joint ventures.  DA enables sellers and buyers to communicate and discuss business and IP opportunity nationally, or in specific geographical areas.  "From my own experience of 25 years as an inventor, inventors today can barely expose new ideas, raise capital or connect with investors, nor can they be found".

The company predicts that mandatory registration for buyers and sellers, at $1 per ad posted, compared to as much as $75 per ad for some categories on Craigslist, will significantly reduce the number of adverse consequences, including spam, unpleasant,  and unsolicited emails offers, which have become a nightmare for many users. Thus, "Registered Advertisers" or "Registered Responder" will be added to all ads and email responses, respectively, which will increase security, confidence, trust and credibility of both sides.                                                           

No. 4 button email usimage button home


WORLD'S SMALLEST HOIST. Approved, recommended and purchased by U.S. Defense, Air Force, Navy, National Guard. (Special Defense NSN)

This is a VEHICLE PARTS PULLER of 15 parts by one (1) man only! On the ground.

Pick 'Em All®

image pick cardimage pickhandimahe casino front

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image-pick   No. 5  INVENTORY & ®Trade Name FOR SALE!TAB PDF FILE

5. Pick ‘Em All®:   80% OFF ALL INVENTORY

See 43 seconds video: image-pick


World's best Universal Random Number Selector for all games of   chance. The Rgistered Mark is also for sale.
FOR SALE! OR Call: 480-949-0894
Patent and Registered Trademark for sale.
Also, entire inventory of 2,700 is for sale.
Pick 'Em All ®: World’s smallest and best random number selector for all games of chance in the world.

Note: While W/S price is $2.25, we offer the entire inventory of 2,700 Picks for only 75 cents each + Shipping.  A Hand-Held random number selector, including all Lotteries, PowerBall, Mega, racing,    Keno, Roulette, etc. NO BATTERY NEEDED!

No. 6

Solution to the back-up  nightmare.
This is the most significant invention in the area of computer accessories.
  P.C. DEVICE which resolves a computer user’s nightmare of computer hard disc failure and/or loss of programs, files and/or software, especially when time consuming is critical to complete computer work (operation) or inability to immediately repair the damage.

The device IS A SMALL ACCESSORY to be connected to the computer, thus enabling a new method of backup, which does not exist. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and revolutionary.button email usimage button home

No. 7

7. WORD and EDUCATIONAL GAME:  Temporary Name:  KNOW IT ALL„˜
A Revolutionary Educational Game - Makes Boggle Obsolete).


This is multi-purpose, hand-held device, light-weight, a fun to play with, hand-held game, which can be used anywhere at home, while traveling in cars, airplane, train, or at school, playground, etc. It is also a good group game, enabling a few children to play together and compete.

The game enables users to randomly select letters and numbers for the purpose of playing all the games listed above, and for teaching and learning. It can be used for:

No. 8

8.  Move 'Em Around™ Invention For Moving Fitness Machines, Bikes and .....Furniture. Call for info. button email us480-949-0894

This is a new, small device which helps anyne to move around items such as Fitness Machines, Exercise Bikes, Furniture, and other items. Thus ninnovative improvemnet invention for sale including ntghe patent pending.

No. 9

9.  PUZZLE INVENTION:   ALTERNATIVE TO RUBIKS CUBE, BUT A                                            DIFFERENT PRODUCT.

PuzzleSick˜ & PuzzleStix˜imag puzzle allimage-hoist 2image puzzleTAB PDF FILE  

Introducing PuzzleSick˜ (PuzzleStix)„, A toy puzzle more difficult than the Rubik™ Cube. PuzzleSick„˜ is intended to become the new world™s toughest challenge to people.

Buyer or partners are wanted for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing the PuzzleSick„˜ worldwide. The product s made of wood, thus extremely easy and inexpensive to manufacture. Potential buyers or partners should submit background information, current occupation and place of work, position, and indication of financial ability to pay for the transaction.

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10.  SofiDent Dental Supply Accepts Offers tab website sdbutton email us

image dental drawings full



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